Friday, August 20, 2010

TAG: What Makes You Happy

If the quality looks different in this video compared to my other videos, it is because I used the camera on my MacBook to record this video, only because it's just a TAG video, not a tutorial.

I say "umm" so much in this video. Sorry, I know it can be annoying. I have to work on that lol ; )

A color that makes you happy
An animal that makes you happy
A season that makes you happy
A holiday that makes you happy
A city that makes you happy
A flower that makes you happy
A book(s) that make you happy
A food that makes you happy
A scent that makes you happy
A television show(s) that make you happy
A movie(s) that make you happy
A musician(s) that make you happy
A makeup item that makes you happy
A makeup brand that makes you happy
A hair product that makes you happy
A photo of the opposite sex that makes you happy
A personal photo of friends that make you happy
A personal photo of yourself that makes you happy
Five random photos of ANYTHING that make you happy


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